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Deposits via Telos will resume around the 27th of January

Important notice from Bitmart December 7th 2021


BitMart Security Upgrade to New Deposit Addresses

Please verify the deposit addresses with BitMart before initiating any deposits. Tokens will not be retrievable if they are mistakenly deposited into the wrong addresses.

For your safety, you are encouraged to log out of your BitMart account and re-login to ensure you find the new deposit addresses.


Zeptacoin is listed on BitMart since October 15th 2021.


Sign in at app.zeptagram.com from a computer if the mobile apps are overloaded.

When sending zptc from the Mob App, write the Memo from your Bitmart-account first.

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Cryptocurrency for music rights trading, dNFTs and NFTs

Zeptacoin is used for music rights trading on the Zeptagram music platform and will soon be integrated into Zeptagram’s NFT-platform.

Investing in music can offer yield that is uncorrelated to the stock market and offers little correlation to other markets. This is of great interest for investors seeking to diversify their risks through alternative investments. Music rights offer a broad range of return possibilities. Music rights have the opportunity to become a recognised asset class, since they are paying dividends and can be analysed through widely accepted valuation methods.

Zeptagram’s vision is to become a market leader in music rights trading and establish Zeptacoin as the main trading cryptocurrency in the industry.

Green technology

Zeptacoin is built on “proof of stake” and Telos, the energy-effective blockchain, which uses a fraction of the energy required for some of the biggest blockchains.

Free from future inflation
Zeptacoin is a cryptocurrency limited to 50 000 000 coins. No additional coins will be issued in the future.

How to transfer Zeptacoin to BitMart
Read the instruction (Swedish) about how to send Zeptacoin to BitMart in order to be able to trade Zeptacoin on the cryptocurrency exchange. Follow this link: